POPI Products and Services

POPI Products and Services

The IACT-Africa POPI Products and Services are a unique and comprehensive set of POPI Act related products and services designed to enable organisations to prepare for compliance with the act. These have been developed through a strategic partnership with PTC. The products and services enable a wide range of organisations to reach a healthy state of POPI Act readiness. These have been tried and tested with a number of our satisfied clients.

The objectives of these product and service offerings are:

  • To enable an organisation to assess their current state against the POPI Act;
  • To develop a plan for achieving an acceptable level of compliance with the POPI Act from a governance perspective;
  • To execute the plan using the components of the service offerings without writing policies, notices, etc. from scratch;
  • To provide awareness training to all levels of personnel in their organisation;
  • To maintain compliance with the POPI Act on an ongoing basis;
  • Where appropriate, to execute the above with the guidance of experienced consultants in this area.

POPI Act Products from IACT-Africa

We offer a rage of POPI Act products which enable you to establish a compliance framework for your organisation  framework without having to develop the required components. Th products can be used on their own or our POPI Act Services.

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POPI Act Services from IACT-Africa

The POPI Act services offered by IACT-Africa include a range of services designed to help organisations implement and maintain measures for complying with the Act. They can be used in conjunction with our POPI Act Products or to address your specific requirements.

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