Ongoing POPIA and PAIA Compliance Support Service

Ongoing POPIA and PAIA Ongoing Compliance is both a legal and a business responsibility.  It also brings significant benefits to organisations if it is done in an effective manner.

Legal reasons:

  • All organisations are legally obliged to comply with applicable laws including POPIA and PAIA;
  • The Information Regulator has established an Enforcement Committee in order to place a stronger focus on monitoring and enforcement of compliance;
  • Penalties in the form of a fine of up to R10 Million or a prison sentence for the head of the organisation can be served for a violation of POPIA;
  • Litigation by data subjects relating to the alleged unlawful processing of personal information is a risk all organisations face.

Business Reasons:

  • People are becoming increasingly aware of their rights regarding their personal information. Their expectations that organisations entrusted with their information will process it lawfully and securely, are increasing more and more;
  • Evidence of compliance shows good leadership and governance, lack of evidence projects a negative image of the organisation and its management;
  • Protecting personal information is an essential business practice, the loss of information or unauthorised access can have severely damaging effects on organisations;
  • Strong information and cyber security management practices can be very beneficial to organisations, not only for compliance reasons.

Information Officer Compliance Obligations

The Information Officer in all organisation has a responsibility for developing, implementing, monitoring and maintaining a POPIA compliance framework.  This can place a significant workload on the Information Officer and Deputy Information Officer/s which can be made easier and more effective with the help of experienced and certified practitioners.

Description of Service

In order to help organisations, the Ongoing POPIA and PAIA Compliance Support Service has been introduced to help your information privacy team to carry out ongoing POPIA and PAIA compliance activities with guidance and advice from IACT-Africa.

The POPIA and PAIA Compliance Support Service is provided on a monthly subscription basis via an online self-service support desk in conjunction with a Knowledgebase containing information about POPIA and PAIA as well information about Privacy and Data Protection from a broader perspective.

The service also includes the provision of information such as:

  • Reminders for compliance maintenance tasks will be sent to the Information Officer and Deputy Information Officers to ensure that compliance activities are monitored and maintained. These include policy management, contract management, verification of the effectiveness of security safeguards, risk assessments, ongoing staff training and more.
  • POPIA and PAIA Regulations and Guidance Notes, as well as other documents published by the Information Regulator as they become available;
  • Provision of information about related practices such as Information and Cyber Security, Information Management, Risk Management, Records Management and Contracts Management and Governance;
  • Provision of periodic international news and updates relating to Privacy and Data Protection practices where appropriate.

Registered users of the system will be able to create support tickets for specific queries using the online web interface.

The service includes access to constantly updated publications related to news and intelligence about personal information regulations, events and activities.

Service Options

There are three options available:

  • Bronze Service: This is aimed at small/micro enterprises. It includes 2 support tickets per month as well as unlimited access to the Knowledgebase by the Information Officer and privacy team;
  • Silver Service: This is aimed at medium sized organisations. It includes 4 support tickets per month as well as unlimited access to the Knowledgebase by the Information Officer and privacy team;
  • Silver Service: This is aimed at large organisations. It includes 6 support tickets per month as well as unlimited access to the Knowledgebase by the Information Officer and privacy team.

Additional support is also available at IACT-Africa’s normal hourly consulting rate.


  • Affordable access to experienced and certified privacy and data protection consultants;
  • Reminders for POPIA and PAIA compliance maintenance tasks to help ensure effective compliance monitoring and maintenance;
  • Access to a searchable privacy and data protection Knowledgebase;
  • Affordable access to POPIA and PAIA support services and materials.

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