POPI Act Services from IACT-Africa

We offer a range of POPI Act services which are designed to assist organisations with their POPI Act / POPIA needs across the entire cycle of assessment, implementation, maintenance and monitoring activities.

The POPI Act Services offered by IACT-Africa include the following:

  • IACT-Africa POPI Compliance Assessment Service: designed to enable organisations to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of their status of compliance with the POPI Act and to identify activities that should be carried out to achieve a sound of level of compliance with the Act.
  • IACT-Africa POPI Inpedendent Assurance Service: designed to enable organisations to obtain an evaluation and independent assurance of their POPI Act/POPIA/PAIA and /or GDPR compliance measures by suitably experienced and qualified external consultants.
  • IACT-Africa POPI Implementation Service: designed to complement the IACT-Africa POPI Licence option which best meets your needs. A set of pre-defined services to support your POPI Act compliance preparation project. Typically ranges from 10 to 40 hours in duration.
  • IACT-Africa POPI On-demand Service: designed to be used by IACT-Africa clients who need Ad Hoc support for the IACT-Africa POPI Licence self-implementation option; also for those who have completed their compliance preparation project and need additional support.
  • IACT-Africa POPI Licence Updates Service: provides periodic updates to the contents of your selected IACT-Africa POPI Licence. Available on an optional annual contract.

IACT-Africa POPI Information Officer Services

In addition to the above services, we also offer outsourced POPI Information Officer Services which are designed to assist organisations who do not have the resources or skills for this role. Please click here to visit the Information Officer Services page.

Please contact us for more information about our POPI Act Services.