POPI Solutions Store

Welcome to the POPI Solutions store where you will find a range of products, services and training options to meet your POPIA compliance requirements.  Click on the categories below to find out more.

POPI Act Products

The POPI Act Products category contains a variety of useful products to enable you to achieve and maintain a healthy level of compliance with the Protection of Personal Act of 2013 (POPI Act/POPIA) and  .

Our POPI Act products include assessment tools, policy and contract templates as well as implementation guides.

POPI Act Services

The POPI Act Services include a variety of support and advice services to help you implement and maintain practices for protecting personal information in your organisation.

Our POPI Act services include assessment, implementation and ad-hoc support services.  Information about these is contained in the individual  items in our online store.

POPI Act Training Services

POPI Act Training Services offered by IACT-Africa include various aspects of the POPI Act in both classroom and online forms. It also includes innovative techniques which introduce an element of fun while learning.

Please contact us for for more information or for any queries about the items offered in our store or our other assisted POPI Act Products and Services.