Top 20 questions POPI Act Compliance Health check

POPI Act Compliance Health Check

  • Try our Top 20 Health Check 20 questions for POPI Act Compliance. Simply answer the questions below to see how your organisation complies with the basic requirements of the Act. At the end of the form, your score out of 20 as well as a compliance percentage with these questions will be displayed.
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0-5: DANGER ALERT: This indicates you fail to reach compliance to a very large extent. Recommendation: Act now by completing a full assessment and implement a remedial action plan

6-10: HEALTH-CHECK ALERT: You have made some progress but there are still a lot of areas that are non-compliant. Recommendation: Act now by completing a full assessment and implement a remedial action plan

11-15: YOU ARE GETTING THERE: Well done, you are on the road to achieving compliance. Recommendation: Focus on those areas which scored zero

16-20: WELL DONE: You are in good shape but still have some work to do. Recommendation: Make sure you have all the proof to justify your score and focus on achieving the same performance in level in the remaining areas. And remember, achieving and maintaining compliance is a journey, not a destination.