Information Officer as a Service

Information Officer as a Service

The Information Officer as a Service addresses the requirement for fulfilling the duties of the Information Officer as required by the POPI Act/POPIA and PAIA through the use of an external service provider.

What does the service offering consist of?

The service consists of support services to the IO for implementing and maintaining a privacy compliance framework.  It also includes support for processing external requests for information through PAIA or equivalent law/regulation.

What benefits does the service offer?

The main benefit of this service is the provision of services to the IO which enable the fulfilment of his or her responsibilities for the Information Officer role as required by the POPI Act/POPIA/PAIA without having to engage additional staff.

A further benefit is that the services are delivered by our consultants who have Certified Data Protection Officer  (CDPO) and Ceritified Information Privay manager (CIPM) certifications as well as in depth experience in this area.

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