POPI Act Implementation

POPI Act Implementation – we make it easy

Embarking on a POPI Act implementation project can be daunting for many organisations as it is not a simple law with which to comply.  If it is approached in a structured manner, however, it can be less daunting far easier to tackle.

IACT-Africa has developed a methodology for  POPIA Act implementation through experience with our customers and many years of programme and project management.

Our methodology is called the I-A-C-T Methodology and consists of 4 key phases as shown in the figure below:

IACT Africa I-A-C-T POPI Act Implementation and Compliance Methodology


I-A-C-T POPI Act Compliance Methodology


The POPI Act implementation phases are summarised below:
  1. Initiate
  • Set yourself up for success by formalising your compliance activities
  1. Assess
  • Develop a solid business case based on impact area identification, costs and benefits of your compliance preparation project
  • Complete a structured compliance assessment in terms of the requirements in the POPI Act/POPIA
  1. Consider
  • In light of your assessments, consider your action plan for achieving compliance
  • Consider what process, procedural, documentation, technical and contractual changes need to be made
  1. Translate
  • Translate your plans into action
  • Translate your short term compliance preparation project into a long term compliance journey
  • Translate the cost of compliance into the benefits of compliance

Yes, there is more to it than this but the methodology and underlying detail are sound and proven.  We have completed multiple projects and have a number of customer references to show for it.  Contact us for more information about or POPI Act implementation methodology.

For information about the reasons you should start your project, visit our POPI Act Compliance page.