POPI Solutions is an IACT-Africa website dedicated to providing information about the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act and international Privacy practices. It also provides information about our Products and Services for helping organisations to prepare for compliance with the POPI Act.

With the Act having been signed into law in November 2013 but with the general commencement date not being set as yet, people are wondering whether they should be taking action now or whether they should wait for the commencement date.

Apart from the legal aspects, we firmly believe that there are positive reasons to start adopting good personal information protection and privacy practices as South Africa is decades behind other countries.  The level of abuse of personal information and lack of protection thereof have lead to many instances of identity theft and fraud as a result.  We all need to take steps to change the current situation.

Our current Product and Service groups that can assist you in taking steps for protecting your stakeholders’ information are shown below.



POPI Essentials Licence
We offer this toolkit to help micro and small organisations to prepare for POPI compliance.
POPI Core Licence
We offer this toolkit to help medium sized organisations to prepare for POPI compliance.
POPI Extended Licence
We offer this toolkit to help large organisations to prepare for POPI compliance.



We offer POPI consulting services based on experience with our clients and international best practices.
We help you identify your current compliance status against the POPI Act.
Provision & Design
We design solutions to suit your needs. These often include solutions provided in conjunction with our partners.
Implementation Projects
We have sound project management experience and offer POPI Implementation project services.
Training offerings include: employee awareness training, executive awareness training and information officer training.

Please visit our POPI Products and Services page for more information about our offerings.

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