POPI Act Regulations

Draft POPI Act Regulations issued on 8 September 2017

The Information Regulator South Africa (IRSA) has issued draft POPI Act Regulations and has invited comments to be submitted by the public before 7 November 2017.

The invitation to comment on the draft POPI Act regulations is made in terms of section 113(3) of the Act which states that, the Information Regulator, before making any regulations referred to in section 112(2) of the Act, must publish a notice in the
Gazette as follows:

(a) setting out that draft regulations have been developed;
(b) specifying where a copy of the draft regulations may be obtained; and
(c) inviting written comments to be submitted on the proposed regulations within a
specified period.

While a link to the IRSA website is provided, we have experienced difficulty in finding the draft POPI  Act Regulations and have made the document available on our website. Please click on the links  below to download the regulations document and the covering notice.

Draft POPI Act Regulations Notice 8 September 2017

Draft POPI Act Regulations document.

We are willing to act as a coordinator for collecting and submitting comments to the IRSA for our clients and business associates.  Please click on the link below if you wish to submit comments to us regarding the draft  POPI regulations and we will consolidate them and submit to the IRSA before 7 November 2017.

Comments on draft POPI Regulations

This forms enables you to submit comments on the draft POPI Regulations for submissions via IACT-Africa.
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