POPI Act Compliance Assessment Service

POPI Act Compliance Assessment Service

The POPI Act Compliance Assessment Service addresses the requirement for organisations to gain a clear and comprehensive understanding of their status of compliance with the POPI Act. It identifies activities that should be carried out to achieve a high level of compliance with the Act.

What does the service officering consist of?

This service consists of the completion of multiple assessments in conjunction with customer representatives.  An integrated assessment report is provided containing recommended actions.  This is an assisted service delivered onsite where practical or via Skype, Zoom or similar technology where not practical.

What benefits does this service offer?        

The main benefit of this service is that support and advice is provided by experienced consultants who have years of experience in this field. They have also achieved international certifications in privacy management, data protection and governance certifications.  This ensures that organisations complete the assessment in an efficient and practical manner and that detailed recommendations for remedial actions are provided.

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